3,400 Households Relocated within the Rural Capital Area in 2013; Williamson County Loses Most Households within the Region; Burnet County Gains Most

In 2013, 3,400 households (tax returns) moved from one county to another county within the Rural Capital Area. The three counties that received the most households were Hays County (790 households), Williamson County (750) and Burnet County (470). The three counties that lost the most households were Williamson County (950), Hays County (820) and Bastrop County (390).

In terms of net migration (in- less out-), Burnet County gained the most new households (93), followed by Bastrop County (65) and Caldwell County (42).  Williamson County lost a net of 200 households to other counties in the Rural Capital Area.

In addition to Williamson County, Blanco County lost more households than it gained. The rest of the counties saw positive net migration from within the Rural Capital Area.

Click here to download a spreadsheet of the data. 

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