Net Migration into Rural Capital Area Was Positive for All Counties in 2013; Over 7,300 Tax-Paying Households Added

In 2013, the Rural Capital Area attracted 7,300 net new households (tax returns), representing approximately 17,000 new people (exemptions) and $565 million in new taxpayer gross income.

Williamson County attracted the most:  4,300 households and $280 million in gross income.  Hays County captured the second most households and income.  Bastrop County attracted the third-most returns, but Burnet County attracted the third highest new gross income, $85 million.

Travis County was a major contributor to flows into the Rural Capital Area, accounting for 40% of net migration.  3,000 households (returns) relocated from Travis County, bringing $160 million of total gross income with them. Williamson County captured the most households from Travis County (1,500), but Hays County captured the most tax payer gross income ($76 million into Hays versus $69 million into Williamson). Bastrop County and Lee County had positive net migration (300 and 8 households respectively) but a negative impact to gross income (-$1.6 million and -$0.1 million respectively).

Click here to download a spreadsheet of the data.

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