Health Care and Engineering are the Hottest Careers for Associate’s Degree Holders in the Rural Capital Area

At the Associate’s degree level, the hottest careers in the Rural Capital Area are Drafters, Web Developers, and Dental Hygienists.

Drafters earn more than $35 per hour, will grow 20% from 2017-2022, but have limited job openings. Preschool Teachers will have the most job openings of any career on the Top 15 list.

Medical occupations make up eight of the Top 15 for Associate’s degree holders. Engineering jobs account for three of the Top 15. Almost 90% of the Top 15 are STEM occupations.

Three hot careers outside of the Medical and Engineering sectors are Web Developers, Paralegals & Legal Assistants, and Preschool Teachers. These occupations are expecting strong growth over the next few years and have high earning potential.

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