The Hottest Careers in the Rural Capital Area for Bachelor’s Degree Holders are Managers, Engineers, and Analysts

The just-released Hot Careers list for the Rural Capital Area highlight the high growth, high wage occupations for Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree holders.

At the top of the list for Bachelor’s degree holders are Chief Executives, who earn over $80 per hour. These high-wage careers take many years climbing the corporate ladder and gaining the experience necessary to run a company. A formal education is just the tip of the iceberg – be prepared to work hard.

Architectural & Engineering Managers and Computer & Information System Managers are also top on the list. In fact, managerial positions dominate the Top 15 list, accounting for more than half of the highest paying jobs. Becoming a manager requires a diverse set of skills such as team building, public speaking, problem solving, strategy and even cross-cultural understanding.  Being well-educated means also developing these important skills outside of the classroom.

Computer-related occupations and Engineers also feature prominently in the Top 15 list. Computer Hardware Engineer is the highest paying, non-managerial occupation on the list, while Software Developers will be in highest demand with 519 job openings in the Rural Capital Area.

Eight of the Top 15 occupations are STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology or Math) occupations. The rest belong to the Business, Finance, Back Office or Production sectors.

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