Registered Nurses and Software Developers are the Hottest STEM Careers in the Rural Capital Area

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In the age of information and technology, the demand for skilled STEM workers continues to increase. STEM occupations account for more than half of the Top 15 highest paying hot careers for Bachelor’s degree holders and nearly 90% of the Top 15 highest paying hot careers for Associate’s degree holders.

Registered Nurses are the hottest STEM occupation by a large margin. At 1,200 job openings, no other STEM occupation comes close to matching the level of demand for Registered Nurses in the Rural Capital Area. Computer-related occupations hold 5 of the Top 15 Hottest Career spots with Software Application Developers (519 jobs), Software Systems Developers (491 jobs), and Computer Analysts (427 jobs) having the highest demand.

The highest paying STEM occupation is Physicians & Surgeons, earning $113 per hour on average. However, this occupation requires a doctoral degree, so dedication and many years of studying are essential for this hot career. Seven of the Top 15 STEM occupations require at least a Bachelor’s degree. Some notable exceptions are Pharmacy Technicians and Machinists which require only a High School Diploma, though some training is preferred. The average hourly wage for these occupations are $14.48 and $18.50, respectively.

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