Mechanics and Construction hold the Hottest Careers in Trades Occupations for the Rural Capital Area

The Mechanic and Construction sectors dominate the Top 15 list for Trades, Installers, & Repair Technicians with 14 of the Top 15 occupations. The hottest careers in Trades, based on the number of job openings, are Maintenance & Repair Workers, Automotive Techs and Equipment Operators. These three occupations will each have more than 350 job openings and 15% growth or higher over the next five years.

The highest paying Trade occupations in the Top 15 are Power-Line Installers ($26 per hour) and Industrial Machinery Mechanics ($25 per hour), with Power-Line Installers also the fastest growing at 26%.

Most Trades occupations require only a High School Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate, which makes them great occupations for those looking to be in high demand without spending a lot of time or money in a classroom setting.

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