Unemployment Rate at 3.1% in the Rural Capital Area, a 16-year Low

The unemployment rate in the Rural Capital Area has fallen steadily this decade and now stands at 3.1%.  This rate is at its lowest point in 16 years (since December, 2000).

Unemployment is low across all counties in the Rural Capital Area.  Blanco county has the lowest unemployment rate (2.6%) while Llano has the highest (3.5%).  All unemployment rates across the region are far lower than the US average, 4.1%, which is at a 10-year low.

Download a snapshot of unemployment in the Rural Capital Area by county, metro or region by clicking in the bottom-right corner below.  Or, visit the Unemployment dashboard in Rural Capital Headlight to download individual charts.

And, the dashboard above can be embedded in other websites.  Click on the embed icon and paste the embed code into the HTML of your web page.

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