The Rural Capital Area Attracted Over 10,000 Net New Households in 2016 and Nearly $800 Million in Gross Income

The Rural Capital Area attracted over 10,000 net new households in 2016 from other parts of the state and US. While most relocations were from Travis County (5,300 households), the RCA was a net gainer of households from other metros such as Houston (550), Los Angeles (310), and Dallas-Ft. Worth (250).

The RCA lost net households to very few metros, and in small numbers: San Antonio (-41 households), Ft. Collins (-36), and Charlotte (-23).

This data is from the IRS, which reports tax return flows from one county to another county, when there are 10 or more households flowing in one direction. “Households” is a proxy for tax returns. “Persons” is a proxy for reported exemptions.

Data also aggregates the impact of flows for Adjusted Gross Income. The Rural Capital Area gained nearly $800 million in net new gross income in 2016 due to household migrations.

Download a snapshot of per capita income in the Rural Capital Area by county, metro or region by clicking in the bottom-right corner below. Or, visit the Migration dashboard in Rural Capital Headlight to download individual charts.

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