Industry Forecasts shows Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment will be the Largest Job Creators in the Rural Capital Area over the Next Five Years

The Rural Capital Area economy is expected to create nearly 48,000 new jobs over the next five years (forecast by EMSI). Most new jobs will be in Healthcare (7,400), followed by Retail (7,000) and Entertainment (6,700), which includes hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Only Industrial Machinery is expected to lose jobs (-1,300).

On a percentage basis, the Rural Capital Area will grow its job base by 16.6% over the next five years, which is more than twice as fast as the US’ 6.3% growth rate. Software will be the fastest growing industry in the RCA (33%), followed by Electronics manufacturing (29%) and Automotive parts manufacturing (25%).

Manufacturing industries are the most concentrated in the region – those with a per capita density much higher than the US average. Industrial Machinery and Mining (too small to show on chart) are more than 2x the concentration found in the US. Construction and Electronics Manufacturing are more than 1.5x.

Click here to download data by county, for the Rural Capital Area, and for the “RCA+Travis County region”.

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