Updated Profile: Historical Industry Trends in the Rural Capital Area

The Rural Capital Area employs 285,000 people in a diverse range of industries.  The largest industries in the RCA are:

• Trade, Transportation, & Utilities – 23% of employment
• Government – 17%
• Leisure & Hospitality – 13%
• Health Services & Private Education – 12%
• Professional & Business Services – 10%

All industry sectors grew in the Rural Capital Area between 2006 and 2016. The fastest growing sectors during this period were Health Services & Private Education (79%), Professional and Business Services (+71% growth), and Leisure and Hospitality (+67%). These regional sectors all grew much faster than the national rates, which were 28%, 15% and 19% growth respectively.

Employment is spread roughly proportional to residency across the Rural Capital Area. Williamson County hosts the greatest number of jobs with 158,000 and 56% of regional employment. The next largest employment counties are Hays County with 22% of regional jobs and Bastrop County with 6%. Employment has grown in all counties between 2006 and 2016, but growth was greatest in Williamson County (50%), Hays County (42%), Bastrop County (36%), and Caldwell County (27%).

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